Monday, May 08, 2006

Toilet humour?

Here's a little product variant with a twist :: a company called Renova have created the world's first supremo black toilet paper for fancy people with fancy pants. I don't know about you but I like it...For a category like toilet tissue where innovation is usually limited to the inclusion of an additional "ply" for added softness, this is a nice departure from the norm.

You can buy the toilet paper online here from Renova

Or read this story on Coolhunter

Thursday, May 04, 2006

little missy

This is one of my favourite artists - Miss Van. She's originally from the UK but living in Barcelona now I think, anyway her artwork is stunning & I love that this store in Hong Kong have used her. Although Miss Van's artwork can seem a little risque to some, she really does do the whole sexy female character thing very well. Including relevant, unique or even unusual artists in retail interiors goes a long way to creating a truly unique experience for us tire kickers.

You can check her out at :: http://www.missvan.com/

wellbeing is so 2005

Blistex has taken the popular marketing positioning of ‘wellbeing’ & applied it to lip balm. Now you can have ‘renewed’ lips, ‘relaxed’ lips, hell you can even have ‘uplifted’ lips. Presumedly these so-called ‘wellbeing’ benefits are supposed to benefit your whole body; presumably the ‘wellbeing-ness’ travels through your big kissers to the rest of your system..interesting…

Just like "ideas" and "innovation" became the corporate love children of the suit, so too is "wellbeing" the new adoptee of the marketer. Time to get off this train?

42 reasons why NZ advertising is better than most

You need to read the fine print to really appreciate it.

42 reasons why NZ advertising is better than most

These images are of the latest NZ Vodka advertising in the UK - brilliant. They're witty, clever and have a great sense of humour to them.

PS. You need to read the fine print to fully appreciate them

a bathing empire

Japanese designer Nigo started his BAPE clothing label out of Tokyo 10 years ago . What was once a fiercely hard-to-get designer fashion range has now become a million dollar empire. Far from exclusive now, Nigo has expanded his BAPE empire to include BAPY for girls, a new
brand Baby Milo, BAPE café & there’s even a spin-off hair studio BAPE cuts. He achieved credibility & fashionista status through his collaborations & carefully planned exclusivity, then he took over the world. This is one clever monkey.

tokyo, japan

K-mart is for everyone

This high end Spanish designers line - ‘davidelfin is for everyone’ makes me laugh - in a small size & at a price point of 68 euro per t-shirt, this designer will in fact, never be for everyone.

If Finny really wanted this shirt to be for everyone he’d be selling it for five bucks at a local market..If truth be told, fashion is not for everyone. Fashion is for the rich, the
skinny, the famous & the connected. End of story.

madrid, spain

new news for little people

This newspaper is aimed directly at the kiddie market because, as we all know, kids need global news. Not only do they need global news, they need limitless advertising that comes with global news, all in bite sized chunks created especially for them.

A novel idea to say the least although you have to wonder whether reading the news at 8 years old will ever be cool. It might be neat to be a super nerd at 25 but let's face it, when your mother's still buying your underwear & lunch arrives daily in a plastic box, geekdom equals social termination.

Check it out :: http://www.firstnews.co.uk/

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dvd killed the video store

This little ripper opened up in sydney a while ago and it'll be interesting to see what happens...people predicted the demise of the cinema when video came in & let's be honest, that was never going to happen. the million dollar question is...will redroom cause the local video store to go down in a blaze of vhs glory? If I was blockbuster I'd be an anxious puppy right about now but then if I was redroom, I'd be asking myself why I didn't invest in expiring downloadable compact video files sold online instead of a DVD ATM which albeit innovative, still feels kinda analogue :: although I do love the line "video stores are so last decade"...

check it out at :: www.redroomdvd.com.au

sydney, Australia

against everything

This is a campaign I found in italy which has a UK web home although when you go to the website it's all in Italian .. so go figure. anyway this campaign had 3 executions that I saw - against ostentation :: against conformity :: against trash

Another street campaign which proves that curiosity will always kill the kitty if the spin's good enough...

check it out at :: http://www.against.org.uk

rome, italy

posers beware

This wall makes me smile every time I walk past it. The best things in life are often the simplest.

Sydney, Australia

hanging out in harajuku

harajuku, tokyo